We at The Soaltee Kathmandu are delighted to offer you with much higher commitment to your well-being, supported by enhanced standards of hygiene protocols to ensure that you always feel safe and secure.

We assure you clinically sanitized standards of cleanliness in every aspects of your room and hotel experience. We are committed towards your health, hygiene and safety at all time during your stay.

We have inculcated elevated hygiene protocols, innovative technology and advanced disinfectants as recommended by World Health Organization (WHO), Ministry of Health and Population, Government of Nepal (Bir Hospital-NAMS), and enhanced ways of clean across the hotel including all team members, areas of guest contact and all facilities, which you would be using during your stay.

Arrival Experience

Baggage are sanitized with the fogging machine before entering in the lobby.

Mandatory temperature checks for all guests upon arrival

Floor markers & que managers for guests to be in queue respecting social distancing

Guest details like valid ID & CC details collected before arrival to avoid contact.

Auto hand sanitizers are available at the Front Desk. Hotel colleague wear mask, gloves and face protector at the front desk.

Mandatory hand sanitization before entry into the premises

Stay Experience

Foot markers are placed in guest lifts respecting social distancing.

Safety protocols followed for recreational facilities such as GYM, Spa, Saloon etc.

Dinning Experience

Automated sanitiser placed at entrance of the restaurant

Social distance arrangement maintained between each table at the restaurant

Individual condiment sachets are placed instead of containers

Disinfecting the table and chairs after every clearance.

Colleagues servicing the guests wears mask, gloves, face protector and full sleeve gown to avoid cross contamination

Events Experience

The seating arrangements in meeting rooms are done maintaining social physical distancing. Sanitizers are placed at the entrance of meeting room or hall

Rooms Experience

All rooms are Dis-Infected before guest arrival by fogging machine.

Different colours of microfiber cloth used to clean various areas in the room to avoid cross contamination.

Safety measures are taken while making beds, handling linen and working on the corridors.

Guest request are delivered by colleagues wearing PPE.

Colleagues Experience

  • All colleagues sanitize hands during arrival & departure and wear face mask regularly.
  • All staff’s temperatures are recorded while entering and leaving the hotel premises.
  • Various posters on Cleaning Culture, Hand Washing, Hand Sanitising, Safety and Well being of Colleagues, Physical distancing at workplace and Protection & Up-keeping Of Equipment

Passage for Disinfection and Sanitization at the entrance of the Lobby

  • iCLEAN 360 station for full body sanitisation at the entrance. A 3-step procedure for disinfection of people, providing a private full body disinfection cabin, a hand disinfection dispenser and automatic temperature measurement.
  • Sensor based touch free automatic hand sanitizer, for guest use prior to entering the Hotel.
  • UV3 by Washmatic placed at the entrance. This is an absolute savior to get rid of all the microorganisms and it can sanitize couriers, parcels, groceries, hand bags, keys, mobile phones, wallets and other stuff which can kill 99.99% microorganisms in just 30secs and can eliminate these invisible yet invincible agents.

iCLEAN 360

Anti Microbial Coating

The hotel has been activated with 24x7, 365 days germs free scrubs using ISO certified German Technology of Advanced Anti-Microbial Coating, to ensure our guests safety from check in to check out.